Lets Hear it for the Groom

Brides need to chill.

It has become pretty popular to assume that in a wedding, the bride is the only one with opinions that matter. The planning and type of wedding is usually decided by the bride almost exclusively and the idea that they deserve whatever they want is almost universally accepted. Moreover, people think the groom is just like “whatever gets me to the honeymoon fastest”. And while that is certainly something to think about (and both the bride and groom do), the wedding and all the things that surround it (wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, etc.) should be an equal collaboration from both the bride and the groom.

I know, I know. Girls think about their wedding day all the time and it is the most magical day of their lives. And they totally deserve to lobby to get everything they want. But this does not mean that men never think about their wedding day or don’t have any opinions about their wedding; on the contrary! If the relationship has been societally standard, the man has probably initiated a lot of the progression of the relationship (not all and not in every relationship, but enough) like asking out the girl, asking them to move in together (if applicable), and most importantly, proposing. This being said, I think the man deserves to have his opinion voiced and respected as an equal of the brides. Ex. if the bride has always dreamed of a small, intimate wedding, but the groom wants a large, party-esqe wedding it should not be instantly dismissed. A reasonable solution should be reached. One that both people are happy with. (Hint, if a compromise can’t be met, that is gonna be hard for a lifetime of holy matrimony) And if the dude doesn’t have an opinion then sick! No problems there! I’m just saying it should be equal and the idea that the bride is always right – I’m lookin at you Bridezilla – needs to die. It certainly wouldn’t fly if the groom were always right, yeah?

Listen, I’m not saying that the bride doesn’t matter. I just mean that the groom matters just as much as the bride and people should act as such. This also applies to the amount of excitement people exhibit toward the groom about their marriage and not treating it like a punishment (i.e. “aw dude, the old ball and chain finally tying you down?” “she finally got to you huh?” “dang, is she not puttin out till after the wedding?”). Men are pumped to get married, just as much as the bride, even though they may not show it the same way as the bride. Lets let the groom have their day. Lets hear it for the boy.