Head Spell – Happy Diving

“Head Spell” by Happy Diving is dirty, swaying, and loose, yet somehow right in the grunge-fuzz zone that can hit the spot. Clearly influenced by a 90’s alt-rock feel (i.e. Weezer and Gin Blossoms), this track caught my attention because of the distorted vocals. I actually love distorted vocals. Nothing makes me feel quite like the grungy/punk I want to be like listening to a song with my mom and hearing her say “This is trash, how can you even understand what he is saying”. By the way, when did music become all about easy to understand and grasp lyrics. I would argue that the best songs require multiple listens and yield new insight days/weeks/years later.

Music should challenge you and make you feel something. The best music helps you understand what you are feeling even when you can’t describe it on your own. The dichotomy of breathy, wistful moments with an instant sentiment of reckless abandon captures a vague melancholia that my words can’t. That is what I look for in my music. If you hate this let me know. Music is fluid, much like my opinion.

To listen to when: you are driving home late at night and you are considering going to Taco Bell but you know you should just go home and go to sleep. WARNING: this song will most likely convince you to go to Taco Bell and then call up your girlfriend to drive around and maybe make out and smash some mailboxes. Sounds like a pretty good night to me.