Down with #adulting

There is one thing I hate. Actually, I hate a lot of things, but one of the things that drive me up a wall the most is people grasping for attention for something that isn’t really that special. For example, making yourself breakfast isn’t worth celebrating. Actually doing (or worse, having someone else do) your taxes isn’t worth celebrating. Going for a run twice a week isn’t worth celebrating. Just do it (not in an inspiring Nike way, just in a get it done without making a big deal way). I’m tired of people posting about mundane, mildly productive activities and fishing for congratulations and compliments. To be fair, I am difficult to impress, but maybe the world is too easily impressed now a days. Down with #adulting and just start adulting.

You never see actual, successful adults posting about them taking care of the normal things humans do, and I am more impressed with a person simply being successful and taking care of themselves and not bragging about it. Also, I wonder how many other normal things people should do aren’t being done, or are being done poorly.  I don’t see them posting about driving to work successfully or cashing their checks on time, maybe they aren’t…

Also, sooooo many tweets or other public statements about #adulting are about semi-personal things (i.e. Paul Yates business taxes, look it up @PaulCoffeeFreak. That’s right Paul Yates, I’m calling you out specifically and I am disappointed and angry at you in particular). Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think that parts of your life should be shared, not only because they are private, but because they are boring! You are not ShayCarl or DailyGrace, and 97% of people who know you don’t care about every part of your life and how successful your homemade brunch was or how you took your car into the shop when the check engine light came on.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t be the only one that doesn’t care about your #adulting life and the minor successes highlighted in the jumbled mess that everyone’s life is. Sound cynical? Good.



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